27 Oct

Energizing Tea

An energy-boosting infusion For some people, the shorter days and colder weather can have an impact on their energy levels. But the stimulants in coffee, black tea and energy drinks aren’t the only solution to give
09 Oct

Digestive Herbal Tea

Eating right, exercising and adding LIMOGES HEALTH superfoods to your diet can help boost digestionand improve your overall health. Did you know that some herbal infusions can also contribute to strengthening your digestive system?Here is a
19 Jan

Salads! Vegetable Preparation

We cannot stress enough the importance of adding plenty of vegetables to your diet. They are builders. Summer is the perfect season to eat them fresh. Learn how to maximize the benefits of a variety of vegetables into a
19 Jan


Fruits are cleansers and vegetables are builders. Amongst fruits, the best are probably the yellow and orange ones since they are rich in Magnesium. As fruits will help your body get rid of toxins, magnesium will support bowel movement so