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Be like a growing number of people across the country who can feel the benefits of a better digestion. Have a look on what our tribe has to say about their experience with our amazing products!

” My experience with Christian Limoges has been nothing short of excellent!  I am one to be against drugs unless absolutely necessary. He has been looking over the overall health of my wife, my 2 children and me. I was diagnosed with acid reflux and high cholesterol from my family doctor. He recommended I start taking drugs daily. I refused and turned to naturopathic medicine instead.  After a 6 week change in my general diet, my acid reflux symptoms were completely gone. A few months later, my cholesterol levels were becoming normal. This diet was nothing more than a serious increase in my fruits and vegetables intake, along with supplements from plants and algues. Both of my children were diagnosed with Autism. Through a similar healthy diet and overall lifestyle, both of my children are doing very well and most symptoms have either fully disappeared or have seen a noticeable improvement (and continue to improve in the right direction). Through the same healthy diet and lifestyle he was help my wife; she no longers suffers from chronic constipations. Lastly, I was an athlete competing at an international level for the better part of my life and only wish I had known of him during these competition years. He would have been able to help with my overall performance. In sum, I strongly recommend Limoges! “
– Xavier Desaunettes
” Visiting Christian Limoges was a life changing experience for me. Not only did I conquer my health condition but I found a new outlook on life. My life and journey on this earth will never be the same. It’s now full of joy vitality and a zeal to live life to the fullest.
Thank you Christian Limoges I am forever grateful. “
– Nicholas Stefaro
” I have been a patient with Christian for, I think, three years. It came about in this way : On a visit to my family doctor it was revealed that I had gallstones. The doctor told me they would remove my gall bladder. I asked, “gallstones? …Isn’t that a digestive issue?”  The doctor replied, “maybe,” ……. “But we do surgery”.
At that point I decided to look for someone to help me with my digestive system. Someone asked me if I had heard of Christian Limoges.
With Christian Limoges I have been introduced to the principles of a healthy digestive system. Something my family doctor declined to offer me. My aim is to avoid a gallbladder attack. And thus the surgery recommended by my family doctor. This is “preventative” medicine . It is not practised by our public health care system, and this amounts, in my view, to negligence. The public system treats with surgery and prescription drugs with no part of its budget devoted to prevention. This is left to the medical visionaries who look at peoples’ health long before symptoms of degenerative disease have appeared.
I appreciate the contribution Christian Limoges is making in this field along with countless others one has become aware of, it amounts to a medical revolution : treat the cause, not the symptom. “
– Clare Coulte
” Hi I would  love to tell u about the great experience  I had with Dr. Limoges.  It’s very difficult for me to relate to you how terrible I was feeling. I was 20 lbs overweight had terrible heart palpitations couldn’t take a flight of stairs etc. Top Doctors in Manhattan told me that high calcium in the blood and hyperparathyroidism CANNOT BE REVERSED. Well the rest is history. Dr.  Limoges proved them all wrong. I’m still having a bit of a struggle sticking to the diet faithfully, but I feel 10 years younger and thank God I can fast without intravenous when necessary.  My cholesterol and blood pressure pills are unnecessary as all of my bloodwork including my calcium  levels are in the normal range. I must say I am forever grateful to Dr. Limoges for all the patience, knowledge and guidance  that he granted to me.  Words are inadequate and all to few to thank him for all those gifts.  I feel extremely  lucky that i was referred  to him by a friend of mine a Canadian patient of his clinic that is currently an American citizen. I was in total despair when I talked to her.  Thank you again and I hope you will have continuous success in helping everybody heal and feel as happy and great as I am feeling for many years to come. I do not take it for granted. “
– Jeanette
” 1998 was the year during which I changed everything about myself be it health, nutrition and everything going into my body. I had went to so many hospitals and did so many tests and in the end I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and when I asked the doctor if he was sure that this is what I had he replied “Who do you think you are? Superman? This is what you have.” I was recommended to see Christian Limoges by an acquaintance and as soon as I walked into his office and met him, the chemistry was there. Taking everything Christian recommended me; all the natural products including the proper foods to be eating and the foods to avoid, I felt better and better. After a year I decided to go back to my gastroenterologist at the Jewish General Hospital and I asked him to do a colonoscopy on me and he asked “For what? Your disease is not curable and it is for life. If you do not feel pain then it is in remission.” He wanted me to stay on his protocol which meant taking twelves pills a day, which I had stopped doing 9 months prior due to how great I felt on Christian’s program. I pushed for this colonoscopy to happen and a week later had the results. The doctor was scratching his head in confusion and told me that I had cured Crohn’s disease. I looked at him and said “I guess I really am Superman then.”, walked out and never had to see him since. Life is great for me now. “
– Stas Katsiaras (alias Superman)
” I had been active and athletic for years. I thought I was eating clean. But something kept bothering me about my abdomen. In the words of a massage therapist “that’s not your belly”. Finally at the insistance of a friend I went to see Christian Limoges. It changed my life. With his guidance I began to understand the science behind the body. I learned that many practices I thought were healthy were actually counter productive. I learned how to truly eat clean. And more than just food but how to cleanse and detoxify not only what is recent but what is old too. All bloating went away. I felt lighter and tighter and indeed lost 20 lbs. But beyond any weight loss I’m most grateful and excited about the vitality I feel. More energy, more centered and more equipped to take on my mission and be the best version of myself. “
– Stephan Ouaknin