A Healthy Lifestyle

We believe there are 3 basic principles to a healthy and fulfilling life


We are what we absorb. The toxins we ingest have built up in our digestive system for so long that we don’t even notice them anymore. With all the processed food in a typical North American diet and the ill-advised eating habits we’ve developed over time, we have made ourselves the sickest animals on the planet. It’s a lifestyle that clogs the bowels — and keeps them that way. There are four pillars in the digestive process: digestion, absorption, utilization and elimination. Improved elimination is the first step in understanding the importance of nutrient absorption and healthier living.


Once your bowel is working more effectively and your body is doing a better job absorbing the nutrients in the food you are eating, it’s time to improve your nutritional habits. At LIMOGES, we firmly believe in the power of organic, raw, alkaline, nutrient-dense foods.

Your diet should be made up of unprocessed foods, with a strong focus on fruits and vegetables.

Once you start eating better, you’ll see a big difference in every aspect of your life. You’ll feel more energized, more focused and healthier than you have in ages.


It’s no newsflash that we as a species have been getting heavier and more unfit over the past century. And although improved dietary habits and digestion are important, they’re not the only key to boosting and maintaining your energy. Exercise has been proven time and time again to yield an impressive number of benefits. So do whatever gets you up and moving: walk, run, jump, swim… you name it! You’ll see: as soon as you start, a feeling of health and wellness will wash over you as the oxygen flows through your body.