$129,00 USD


REVIVE KIT: Step 2 — Now that your body is clean, it’s time to fuel it up with the right nutrients. Regen., Enduro. and Recharge. have been formulated to restore your body’s natural vitality. 

Boost your concentration, improve your sleep and strengthen your endurance so you’re better prepared to face the challenges you’re up against every single day. 

*21-day program: Instructions included in the kit.

Here’s what you’ll get with your REVIVE KIT: 

Regen.: Made with natural plants and superfoods of the highest quality, Regen. is a powerful combination of living ingredients from land and sea that delivers nutrients essential to good health.

Enduro.: Made with natural herbs of the highest quality, Enduro. helps improve performance and build endurance.

Recharge.: Made with natural herbs of the highest quality, Recharge. helps the body digest food and absorb nutrients more effectively for optimal digestive health.

” Limoges was a life changing experience for me. Not only did I conquer my health condition but I found a new outlook on life “
– Nicholas Stefaro