Elimination Of Toxins

Nobody wants toxins in their body. They obstruct and harm the body in various ways lessening the body’s proper functioning and take a toll on our health both physically and mentally. Today we will examine what is necessary for the elimination of toxins in the body.

We have within us trillions of cells and each one of these cells, just like all chemical reactions, produce a by-product as a result of their functioning. This by-product is waste which is to be excreted for the body has no use for it, which is what defines this residue as a toxin. The human body’s design includes four organs of elimination for this specific task which are the bowels, the kidneys, the lungs and the skin. Toxins come not only from our own body but from outside the body as well. In this day and age especially, we are bombarded by toxins in our environment on a daily basis. The food, water and air that we come in contact with is all polluted due to contemporary human activity. Therefore, the four channels of eliminations mentioned earlier need to be working properly otherwise the body will be in a toxic and acidic state and this is how illness develops.

There are certain measures to be undertaken to encourage the body’s elimination process. Dry brushing cleans the pores of the skin while exercise, sunbathing and saunas are great ways to open up the skin and eliminate toxins through the sweat. The skin is the body’s largest elimination organ. Drinking clean water, fresh juices and eating fruits and vegetables will aid the kidneys eliminate toxins through the urine. For the lungs to eliminate carbon dioxide, breathing and exercise are a must. 

Finally, our body’s main and most important channel of elimination is the bowel. The only way to get the bowel going is by eating more fiber from raw fruits and vegetables. These contain living fiber that is very potent and act like a broom to clean the bowels and encourage good movement. Ideally when you are having good bowel movement, the elimination should be within a minute, stools should float and break apart when you flush and lastly, nothing should stick to the toilet paper. Animals in the wild don’t need to wipe themselves because they are eating their appropriate diets. We have invented toilet paper because we eat sticky, gluey and pasty foods.

Since most of the toxins we accumulate end up coming from the bowel, proper bowel hygiene is a top priority in terms of establishing excellent health and vitality. The best way to insure this is by switching to a raw fruit and vegetable diet, organic if possible. This cannot be ignored as it is absolutely essential that we respect the law of nature in this regard. Let thy food be thy medicine as Hippocrates once said. A healthy state cannot be achieved otherwise. This becomes obvious upon observation of the fact that most of the toxins that we accumulate are due to an unsuitable diet for humankind. 

Along with this, the utilization of various wild herbs is a miraculous aid towards a healthy and happy existence. Herbal use has been revered and respected for it’s efficacy and potency for thousands of years. Wild herbs are very powerful because of the fact that they have not been tampered by man and thus still remain in their natural essence.

By opening the four channels of elimination and getting rid of all the acidic and toxic obstructions you are bound to get better.
May you all be as healthy and happy as can be!