Intenstinal Trouble

Greetings everyone, 

Today we will be talking about the various conditions pertaining to the intestines. All the diseases we hear a lot about today ; coeliac, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers, colitis, etc are all inflammatory conditions of the intestines. To truly understand them, we must begin by explaining a few basic concepts. 

As we eat mucus forming foods (animal products, starchy foods, grains, etc.), a layer of sticky mucus slowly develops upon the intestinal walls. This affects the elimination process in a very negative way, causing foods to get stuck within the gut during the transit. The bowels being very warm and humid, these foods that are stuck in the gut start fermenting and putrefying which creates acidic and toxic waste that irritate the intestinal walls causing inflammation. 

Inflammation is therefore the response of the cells of the intestinal walls to an increasingly acidic and harmful environment.This is no mistake; the cells are responding in an absolutely adequate manner towards the condition in which they live. It is a demonstration of the universal intelligence at work which is present everywhere at all times. Thus, inflammation stimulates the acceleration of the peristaltic movement of the intestine which allows for the elimination of the harmful wastes trapped within it. This is how diarrhea happens, which is only a symptom of toxic and acidic waste due to fermentation and putrefaction within the intestine which ultimately is caused by an unsuitable diet for humankind. 

Within the body is an inherent healing power. Each symptom is an intelligent response that happens perfectly as it should. It is important not to focus on these messages, as unpleasant as they may be, as they are all necessary steps along the path of healing. These symptoms, or healing crisis, are therefore to be respected and encouraged. 

We must only be preoccupied by the initial cause of our dis-ease which, in the case of intestinal problems and the vast majority of dis-eases, is an inadequate diet for human beings. It is therefore imperative that we change our diets for one which suits our species, meaning a diet consisting of raw fruits and vegetables. This insures proper elimination of ingested foods. 

Our stools are great indicators of the quality of our ability to eliminate. We can confirm having good elimination when we have one bowel movement per meal, when the stools float, when they are formed but break up upon flushing and finally when it is quick and easy to wipe afterwards. Ideally, nothing should stick to the toilet paper. 

If you are suffering from an inflammatory disease or if you are having digestive problems and need help and support do not hesitate to contact Clinique l’Aube where many professional naturopaths will be able to assist you.