The Unity Of All Diseases

It is primordial that we all understand the unity behind all diseases. Knowing the root cause of our problems is the key that will deliver us from our suffering. It is only by addressing this cause that we can truly reestablish the order of health within ourselves. 

Our body is made of 80 trillion cells which bathe in two fluids ; the blood and the lymph. The blood nourishes while the lymph cleans. These fluids must be kept clean and alkaline at all times so they may accomplish their functions properly. Only an appropriate diet for humankind allows proper hygiene of the human body. This diet is constituted of raw fruits and vegetables. Our anatomy, just like the anatomy of all great apes, has evolved in symbiosis with these foods for millions of years. It is therefore imperative that we respect the natural laws by abiding to our original diet. Instinctively respecting this law of proper diet, wild animals are not sick as we all are. 

Our body is maintained by four fundamental pillars ; digestion, absorption, utilization and elimination. Were we living a healthy and natural lifestyle, these pillars would be maintained naturally and without any effort on our part. However, since we eat an unsuitable diet for mankind, the first pillar to fall is the pillar of digestion, which then has a domino effect on all the other pillars. 

We are what we digest and since we are not digesting the foods we are eating, we are clogging our entire body with toxic waste. This waste being acidic and therefore irritating, our cells respond so as to stimulate the body allowing the elimination of the acidity which is harming it. This is how all the various symptoms that we call “diseases” appear which are nothing but the body’s response to the acidic and toxic waste that destroy it. 

All diseases, no matter how complicated their names may be, all have one and the same cause : the clogging of the body by acidic and toxic waste due to an unsuitable diet for humans. The good news is that sickness can be healed by changing our diets in virtue of natural laws. To help you clean your body, there are many recipes of salads, juices and smoothies on my website : For all questions concerning your health, you may contact Clinique l’Aube by email or by phone. You can find all of the information you need on the clinic’s website : Happy regeneration!