How To Lose Excess Weight

Greetings to all, today we will be talking about excess body weight and what to do to remedy this situation. 

First we must understand that the body is made of trillions of cells that bathe in two fluids ; the blood and the lymph. For these two to work properly, it is necessary that they be both clean and alkaline. These properties are insured by the proper functioning of the four organs of elimination ; the intestines, the kidneys, the skin and the lungs. 

When the organs of elimination are not eliminating well or enough, the waste that is to be eliminated remains stuck which provokes the acidification the body. 

The presence of acidic waste harms the body. To alleviate this situation, the body produces fat to store these acids within its tissues till the bodily situation allows for proper elimination, that is to say when the organs of elimination are working properly. 

It must be understood and remembered that the production and storage of fat is a symptom of an underlying problem which is the accumulation of acidic toxins within the body. It is an intelligent and necessary response without which the body would be in a state that is much worse. 

To remedy this situation, the solution is quite simple and logical : we must restore the proper functioning of the organs of elimination. This can be done by adopting a healthy diet which suits the physiological needs and the anatomy of the human being, meaning a diet consisting mainly of raw and fresh fruits and vegetables. 

There are also many products from Actumus that can greatly aid in the elimination of waste as well as in the restoration of the inherent vitality of the organs of elimination and thus of the entire body as well. 

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