Profession: Naturopath

The human body was created perfect, and is an expression of universal intelligence.

I’m writing to you from the beautiful Sarasota, Florida: its hot and humid climate, coconut trees, beaches, fresh yummy fruits. This is one of my favorite places in the whole world! I wish you can smell its aromas and the soft breeze… 

I want to tell you about another place that is dear to my heart; the Limoges College of Naturopathy. I founded the school in 1991 in Montreal, and we now have another one in New York City. I’ve been practicing naturopathy for over thirty-five years, and teaching for almost thirty, following Hippocrates principle and traditions: ‘Let food be your medicine, and your medicine your food.’ 

Just like the amazing nature surrounding me here, like everything around us, every single life form; the human body was created perfect. It represents the astonishing expression of universal intelligence. As a result, our body, as well as all living forms, is able to self-regeneration, self-healing, self-repair. 

Naturopathy, as a combination of ‘nature’ and ‘path’, means literally ‘The Path of Nature’. Nature is always the solution, and this is the foundation of my teaching at Limoges College. We provide a three years program including different aspects of naturopathy: nutrition, diet, herbs, anatomy, physiology. The knowledge of how the body functions, to be able to trust it: the body knows. 

The ‘disease’, or ‘without’ ‘ease’, is only the body’s response to a lifestyle that is inadequate or against nature. The human body is composed of billions of cells, they all respond to body’s inner and external environment. The body’s ecosystem is affected and damaged by a lifestyle inappropriate to its nature. As a result, response of the cells are the symptoms. 

In fact, there are only two causes of disease, which are mostly the same: Toxicity and Acidity. These causes come from the external and internal environments of the body. As a consequence, the full range of diseases and thousands of symptoms that exist. They are just the body’s reaction to its environment. 

Poor digestion, poor elimination, due to an improper diet and a lifestyle that isn’t created for our specie. Human beings are alkaline specie, therefore, the more we alkalize, the more we energize. It is with this energy that the body can regenerate, heal and repair itself. 

The foundations of naturopathy at Limoges College are primarily based on a nutrition according to our specie, and to nature. First of all, raw foods. All animals eat raw. We are the only living specie to cook our food, and we are also the sickest. Second, the herbs. Herbs have become superior foods since today the majority of fruits and vegetables have been genetically modified or hybridized. 

Our energy does not come from food intake. People consume, often too much, and yet are sick, depressed, tired. Energy comes from a clean internal environment. Same as a car, or any other machine; you have to maintain your body clean to keep it longer. 

I’m deeply grateful to have learned from extraordinary human beings and teachers: Dr. Jensen, Dr. Morse, Brian Clément of Hippocrates Institute, Native Americans… They taught me the essential of what I want to transmit: We live on a beautiful planet, and it is Life, inside of us, that allows our body to regenerate, to heal and to repair itself. 

My teaching at College Limoges aims to make us more aware of the infinite power of life, to eliminate all those beliefs we carry that are against it. To realize that we are a living perfection, the expression of life, and that ‘diseases’ are an illusion; it is only the body’s response to its environment. 

Cheers to Life!